Bakerboy From Lyon


In the zone

So I got to work and drank an energy drink and then slept for about 30min on top of the freezer before Alexandre woke me up when he got there. Got changed and onto the work...

We were banging out the bread like machines...Alexandre used the divider to do some rustically shaped baguettes while I did all the biological bread and misc. shapes. By the time Benjamin came in at 2 we were almost done with everything. I got onto mixing all the other dough’s like kamut and spelt, viennoise and seigle Auvergne. The seigle Auvergne came out flippen sexy, with beautiful colouration and cracks. And I divided and shaped the viennoise on my own as well, as Benjamin was pretty slow even though he only had the white dough to do.

I honestly was in the zone, not talking much, just kept my head down and got shit done. I love that feeling or over tired second wind energy where you just go with everything. Alexandre mixed a rye recipe with some orange juice and zest in it which is an interesting idea.

After cleaning we were done around 10:30 and I was exhausted as once the work slows down, fatigue starts to creep in, but still pushed on. Oh and Bonnie is pregnant!!! You can see her belly swelling up already. She’s so cute...and I feel very protective of her but she still runs around and chases things like normal.
Ah and the ginger beer I brewed was really good. It could’ve fermented a bit more but it’s so cold at night that it couldn’t be helped.

When I got home I passed out hard, but only after cooking and doing some washing J and I woke up late!!! I had set my alarm but I only woke up after the rugby test match between SA and France had started. Anyway, I rushed to King Arthur where Alex, Pierre, Hugo and a beer were already waiting for me. Was a bit shit because they had some chick singing so they had no volume on the game but then again the French are more into their soccer.

The game wasn’t that great but SA beat France so no worries...  I bought a round of 3 pints of that awesome banana bread beer for Alex, Hugo and myself and when I got my sms for the transaction I was shocked...20 plus euros came to R275 for 3 pints!!!! They must’ve upped the prices a bit as its December but still...for that price I could buy 2 cases of beer back home. Oh well. It was a good night.

Everyone was hungry so we decided to go to McDonalds which was the first time I was going to one in France. They have a really cool system where you put your order through on a touch screen and pay for it, then just wait with your ticket until its ready. It’s so efficient and would really be better for SA I think. They also give you an option of potato wedges which I thought was really cool.